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U.S. Adventure Traveler Sentiment - June-July 2020 Report

In June-July 2020, the ATTA surveyed U.S. customers of ATTA adventure tour operator members to understand their sentiment on a host of topics and gauge their travel and spending preferences in the next 12 months.

493 U.S. adventure travelers from 42 states shared thoughts on the following topics:

  • Overnight leisure travel planned in the next six months
  • Factors impacting travel decisions in the next six months
  • Next trip planning state
  • Next trip travel destination type
  • Next trip travel style type (solo, friends/family, group, other)
  • Trip activity preferences in the time of COVID-19
  • Consumers’ adjustment plan if (new) travel restrictions pose a problem
  • Adventure consumers’ expectations of their guides and tour operators
  • Consumers’ sustainability sentiments
  • Consumer sentiment on purchasing trip health insurance with pandemic coverage
  • Adventure consumers’ travel spending expectations in 2021 compared to their 2019 spend

The U.S. Adventure Traveler Sentiment - June-July 2020 report offers valuable insights for those looking to understand adventure traveler sentiment, preferences, and expectations in the time of COVID-19.

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Published in 2020
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