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Seeking Balance: Progressive Developments, Nuanced Challenges
Adventure Travel Media Membership Grows
Delegates Experience Beautiful Bangladesh at the PATA New Tourism Frontiers Forum 2016
‘Fight Night’ Winners Ready for Adventure Travel
Oceanwide Expeditions Announces New Advanced Polar Vessel Hondius

ATTA in the News

Building a Better Mountain Guide in the Balkans

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), which connects professionals at every level of the adventure tourism industry, recently held ...

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Adventure Travel On the Growth Curve

Adventure Travel is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the travel & tourism industry in India. As per the Adventure Travel Trade Asso...

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Euromonitor International: The 9 top trends in travel presented at London WTM

There are a number of new opportunities the travel trade has seized upon to ... market, according to the Adventure Travel Trade Association ...

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Jordan upbeat as visitors grow

Faith, adventure and wellness tourism will be key focuses for 2017. ... the Adventure Travel Trade Association's (Atta) first regional ...

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Which Countries Are Best for Adventure Travel?

According to D'Marge, the Adventure Travel Trade Association has revealed its top destinations for adventure. “Countries were evaluat...

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World's Best Destinations For Adventure Travel, Revealed

The Adventure Travel Trade Association's annual report recently ranked the year's best destinations for adventure travel. Countrie...

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As Alaska tourism grows, industry groups look to new marketing funding

Recently, Alaska hosted the Adventure Travel Trade Association conference in Anchorage, the association's first meeting in North Americ...

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As tourism grows, indusry associations look to new marketing funding

The Alaska Travel Industry Association works to complement local tourism ... Recently, Alaska hosted the Adventure Travel Trade Association...

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THT 10 years ago: Kartik Naach facing shortage of funds

Various Nepali adventure tourism products and services were showcased at the Adventure Travel Trade Association's (ATTA) Adventure Trav...

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Find adventure, or you might forget your vacation

According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel has become increasingly popular in the last few years, with nearly 42%...

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Jordan to Host first-ever regional adventure travel trade conference

Amman, Sept. 29 (Petra)--Jordan will host the Adventure Travel Trade Association's (ATTA) Conference (Adventure NEXT Near E...

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Fund formed to preserve and protect adventure destinations

That's why Barker and representatives from the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), REI Adventures, ExOfficio and UnC...

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