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In addition to its own events, the ATTA attends a number of key industry events around the globe. If your organization is planning on attending these events, our team looks forward to setting up a meeting and connecting in person.


Visit Arctic Europe II Networking Meeting


The VAE II networking meeting is focused on sustainability and product development. Members of the network will gather for a learning and sharing event that aims to empower them to reveal the beauty of the Arctic Europe region experience that are more impactful and gentle on the environment.

ATTA's Milena Nikolova will lead two sessions during the event. She will discuss with participants the current traveler behaviour trends that shape the global travel marketplace. In a specialised workshop she will discuss ways in which destinations can use behavior-smart tactics for sustainability to align with how travelers make decisions and act before, during and after their trips.


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4-5 Jun 2019
Narvik, Norway

Team Attending

2019 FIEXPO Latin America

Recognized by ICCA as the benchmark trade fair in Latin America, since it involves almost every country in the continent, FIEXPO Latin America combines business meetings, training and networking. In addition, the Latin American Political Forum on Tourism Meetings takes place the day before with the participation of Ministers, Secretaries, Mayors, Parliamentarians and Governors of the continent with the aim of discussing joint developments for business tourism strategies.


The ATTA's Regional Director of Latin America, Gabi Stowell, will attend the event and lead an AdventureConnect networking event for travel professionals interested in adventure, eco and responsible tourism.

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9-13 Jun 2019
Santiago, Chile

Team Attending

OutDoor by ISPO 2019

The ATTA and ISPO have teamed up to bring the adventure travel and outdoor gear industries together at Europe’s largest multi-segment trade fair this summer: OutDoor by ISPO June 30 thru July 3 2019, taking place in Munich for the first time.
To encourage ATTA Members to attend OutDoor by ISPO Munich, ISPO is offering each ATTA Member up to two free tickets (325 Euro value per ticket) to attend. To secure your OutDoor by ISPO passes, please write to [email protected] - When writing, please indicate “free tickets to OutDoor by ISPO for ATTA Members” in the subject header.
In addition to supporting match-making between the outdoor and adventure industries, at the Munich trade fair, OutDoor by ISPO and the ATTA are presenting a valuable opportunity for adventure tourism trade professionals, especially tour operators and destination representatives, to participate in specially designed cross-industry workshops with the top global outdoor gear and apparel brands. The workshops are designed to help participants learn about and share like-minded goals that both ATTA and ISPO share, to make gear sales/purchases, initiate new business models, open up new sales channels, foster innovation, explore new promotional opportunities, jointly pursue best practices in sustainability and more. In addition to participating in press and VIP events, the ATTA will speak on subjects pertaining to sustainability, innovation and digitalization.

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30 Jun - 3 Jul 2019
Munich, Germany

Team Attending

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