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In addition to its own events, the ATTA attends a number of key industry events around the globe. If your organization is planning on attending these events, our team looks forward to setting up a meeting and connecting in person.


ClimateWeek Latin America and Caribbean


ATTA will participate in the session Shifting the Caribbean paradigm towards a climate and disaster risk- resilient tourism industry. ATTA will share it strategies on climate action in the Sessiion that aims to exchange ideas, experiences, and challenges in regards breaking with the business-as-usual strategies for economic growth driven by tourism in the region, by taking into account medium and long-term climate data and risks. Countries will be able to discuss policy instruments currently underway to ensure the alignment of economic and resilience goals, at the national and regional levels through innovative partnerships.

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19-23 Aug 2019
Salvador Bahia Brazil

Team Attending

American Society of Travel Advisors


Amy Brown will be speaking on a panel Global Stewardship and Responsible Travel which will touch on the different aspects of responsible travel (cultural, social, economic, environmental/ecological), and dispel some common myths and misconceptions. Amy will focus on the environmental/ecological impacts of adventure travel and how the industry can make more responsible choices in that space.

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27 Aug 2019
Hollywood, FL

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Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development

The annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development is part of the information dissemination and regional awareness component of CTO’s Strategy for Sustainable Tourism. It looks at how member states can design and implement sustainable tourism policies and programs offering a regional forum for information exchange on the successes and pitfalls of national, regional and international initiatives. Organized by the CTO, it has evolved from the Caribbean Ecotourism Conference held from 1991 to 1996.
“Keeping the Right Balance” is the overall theme of our sustainable tourism conferences, acknowledging that the sustainability of tourism in the Caribbean requires proper co-ordination and the co-operation of all stakeholders, and recognizing the need to maintain the balance between economic, environmental and socio-cultural development.

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26-29 Aug 2019
St Vincent & The Grenadines

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Travel Mart Latin America 2019


TravelMart LatinAmerica (TMLA) is widely recognized as the most important “strictly business” annual event for building business to Latin America from world-wide markets. The Event provides an efficient and effective opportunity for Buyers of Leisure Travel Services to research, identify, and develop the new products and services in South and Central America. Senior Sales Executives representing South & Central America Suppliers have the opportunity to “show and tell” their product, pricing, and promotion policies to Buyers who are genuinely interested in what they have to offer in an efficient and cost effective “strictly business” format.

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18-20 Sep 2019
Quito, Ecuador

Team Attending

European Outdoor Group Summit 2019

The European Outdoor Summit is a key industry event which brings together more than 300 senior executives within the outdoor industry, from across Europe and beyond, for a two day programme of presentations, networking and social events.
It offers a unique opportunity for attendees to listen to an exciting mix of inspirational and educational speakers, and participate in engaging seminars and networking sessions. The Summit focuses on relevant themes, with a European-wide emphasis on topics related to industry needs and key strategic issues facing the sector.
ATTA's Executive Director, Europe & Central Asia, Chris Doyle will deliver a keynote on:
Forging New Paths: Accessing Gear-hungry, Passport-wielding Adventure Travelers
During this period of disruption, disintermediation and morphing of traditional supply chains for both the outdoor gear manufacturing and adventure tourism industries – compounded by the rising trend of humans’ increasing detachment from nature, leaders who lean in with fresh eyes, shatter existing paradigms, seek strategic solutions in unexpected places, and release their imaginations will be better positioned to break through and access new, profitable and sustainable frontiers.
From the lens of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, which represents the more than 600 billion Euro market global adventure tourism trade, we are gifted with an open-to-buy, gear-hungry, passport-wielding community of more than 50 million active travelers. Concurrently, our private sector members who guide millions of travelers have immense, trustworthy influence over traveler gear purchases. These companies increasingly seek to improve the safety and experiences of their travelers, to offer more high quality services, to buy and sell the gear their staff and guests need, and to remove obstacles to participation in sustainable outdoor recreation and adventure. The ATTA’s May 2019 Global Outdoor Gear Survey proves that our industry is eager and open pursue new and innovative partnerships to help deliver on these objectives.
For the European Outdoor Group community, opportunity exists to engage directly with the global adventure tourism community to explore and co-create new distribution solutions, gear rental/lending programs, guide pro-deals, merchandise sales, and so much more. The time is now for the outdoor industry and the adventure tourism industry to break the mold and forge new paths - together.

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26-27 Sep 2019
Interlaken, Switzerland

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