Carbon Offsetting for Adventure Travel Tour Operators and Accommodations


The travel industry, while providing very positive benefits in terms of its economic impact, delivers negative impacts in terms of its carbon dioxide emissions. Recent research indicates tourism is responsible for 8 percent of global emissions when considering the carbon emitted directly during tourism activities as well as the carbon embodied in the commodities purchased by tourists (food, accommodation, transport, fuel and shopping). Addressing carbon impacts can be a challenging and intimidating endeavor, particularly for small and medium sized businesses with limited resources. As a result, most companies view the barriers to entry as too high, and end up doing nothing to mitigate their contribution toward global climate change.

To combat these challenges and facilitate action, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has developed an innovative program for the adventure travel community to address their carbon impacts. ATTA tour operator and accommodations members can measure their emissions for free using a specialized carbon calculator developed for the industry by ATTA in partnership with South Pole. ATTA will aggregate industry reported volumes, realize a reduced per ton price for carbon offsets, and pass that reduced rate on to ATTA members.

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