Adventure Travel Guide Qualifications & Performance Standard – 2015 Working Group Members

Ana Ines Figueroa/ Argentina

Christina Beckmann/ United States

Christy Sinclair/ Ireland

Dan Moore/ United States

Ervin Mejia/ Norway

Gabi Assis/ Brazil

Jason Nott/ Namibia

Jean Claude Razel/ France/Brazil

Jim Kennedy/ Ireland

Josephine ODriscoll/ Ireland

Joyce Pennekamp/ Netherlands

Mandy Kalitsis/ Peru

Maria Elena Price/ United States

Myles Farnbank/ Scotland

Paavo O. Sonninen/ Iceland/Finland

Simon-Olivier Côté/ Canada

Stephen Taranto/ Bolivia

Do you have information on adventure guide training, standards, or certifications in your country or region? Please click here to provide us with more details that we can share with the community.

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