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About ATTA and Membership

What does ATTA do?
ATTA brings together business members of the adventure travel community, providing networking opportunities year-round, industry best practices, business insights and tools, discounts on travel and business solutions and access to premier media.

Why should I join?
Simply because the value of your membership will be fully realized each year you are a member. Success stories include business partnerships created, significant bottom line savings from member only discounts, media coverage worth thousands of dollars and access to consumers, agents and partners.

Is ATTA a non-profit membership organization?
ATTA is a privately held for-profit company with a mission to facilitate responsible adventure travel practices world-wide. While we are primarily a business-oriented association, we believe that responsible tourism is the only right course and we weave it into all aspects of what we do from PR, education, our summit speakers, our values etc. Our belief is that if we help good, responsible adventure travel companies with their businesses, then we help people in rural communities and third world economies and turn more customers into more responsible citizens.

How many members do you have and where are they located?
With over 800 members representing 80 different countries, ATTA is a global organization representing tour providers, tourism boards, media, industry partners and travel agents.

How many buyers are members and what destinations do they sell?
More than 180 of our members are outbound tour operators selling travel experiences in locations across the globe.

What are the benefits and tools I will have access to?
Please visit our membership page to view membership benefits.

Payment Questions

What is the cost and is it annual?
Please review our membership page for the cost of your business’s member type. Member dues are annual.

When is payment due?
Memberships are on a rolling basis, so you can join anytime at all, then once you do, you get a full 365-days of benefits, networking, tools and resources.

Networking and Partnerships

How is networking facilitated?
The HUB (members only site)  is an extremely valuable tool and access point for most of your membership benefits. You may also be invited to networking events in your region and each year we host the Adventure Travel World Summit. As a member you are invited to register for this event at a discounted rate. Many member partnerships and networking successes happen at this event.

Is using The HUB entirely up to me or will I have help from ATTA staff?
The more energy you put into The HUB, the more you will pull out of it. Once you have become a member, you will be contacted by our community lead. It is encouraged that you set up a time to discuss your goals for your membership. While you do have to devote some time in order to achieve desired results, we are there to help facilitate introductions (to other  members  on your behalf), help you set up your various membership profiles and assist with general inquiries throughout the year.

Can I have a list of all ATTA Members?
The online member list is on our home page, under ‘Who We Are’. Members also have exclusive access to a PDF directory with general contact information, which is updated quarterly and organized by region and industry type. The ATTA does not distribute or sell email lists, out of respect to our members’ privacy. The HUB will be your best tool for identifying and connecting with other ATTA members directly.

How can I promote my company on The HUB?
As a source for networking and knowledge-sharing, ATTA discourages an overt amount of self-promotion on The HUB. That being said, the Marketplace discussion groups can be used for straight promotion, and you may post HUBshare topics on anything trade-related. You may also wish to notify other members of upcoming trade shows you’re planning to attend by joining the related discussion groups designed for that purpose.  There are many opportunities to subtly promote your company and accomplish your partnership goals on The HUB simply by engaging in conversations and industry discussions.

Marketing and Sales Reach

How can I market/promote my company through the ATTA?
The best way to promote your company is by taking advantage of the exposure opportunities that are included in your membership benefits:

  • AdventureTravelNews™ – Your organization’s New Member Profile will reach more than
    35,000 industry professionals and will be published on,, Facebook and Twitter
  • Opportunity to submit your press releases in AdventureTravelNews
  • Public Relations Services – discounts off of press services from ATTA partners, and ATTA Journalist Alerts for tour operators from key media contacts
  • Online Member Directory Listing: our organization and its URL is listed on the ATTA’s web site at This site is consistently mentioned in global news and industry updates and consistently lists on first page results in Google
  • ATTA Brand Value: Post the ATTA logo on your brochures, website and more to help bring additional credibility with customers
  • 25% (or more) discounts for advertising in  Men’s Journal, National Geographic Traveler, Backpacker, Archaeology, AFAR,  TNT Magazine and more
  • Exposure on
  • The HUB (see Networking & Partnerships above)

Can I have two brand name listings under my membership?
Many tourism organizations have more than one brand or product line that they own and operate. At this time, ATTA offers multiple platforms on which members can promote their offerings (see above), but these opportunities are limited to one brand per membership (i.e. one brand name and web URL per membership).

Will the ATTA help me with roadshows or promoting FAM opportunities?
The ATTA can guide you in this process, directing you to the best places to find key ATTA members to invite on a FAM or to meet with during a roadshow. Fellow ATTA members who specialize in travel marketing and promotion can also assist. Ongoing partnerships with trade and consumer show organizers allow ATTA members discounted or extended early bird rates for exhibition space.

Will the ATTA help me to market to North America & Europe?
We are a global organization, however, being based in North America, we do have a stronger presence in North America than in other destinations. Many of our journalist alerts and media opportunities are geared for this region. However, as our membership base grows we will continue to adjust our regional meetings and outreach to accommodate the membership, this year both Canada, Mexico and Europe have been added to our regional meeting circuit.

I want to market to international clients and partners. Can you help me get ready for international export?
The ATTA, through its ongoing work in research, education, training, events and news coverage, supports members’ development efforts which are specifically designed to prepare our members to handle international business partners and clients. Whether educational webinars, facilitated networking events or specially designed and delivered ATTA Regional Meetings, the ATTA’s efforts are created to help members advance their professionalism in the field and in the office. The ATTA and its network serves as a rich resource to assist its members in preparing for international export – in operations, marketing, public relations and more.

When will I see tangible results?
ATTA membership focuses on providing the tools, research and connections necessary for our members to grow their businesses. If you would like to talk to some of our members before joining, we are  happy to connect you with a few who would we think will give you an honest assessment of what we do and tell you about some of their successful business improvements due to their membership.

Media Reach

How will the ATTA get my company media attention?
ATTA facilitates relationships between journalists worldwide, in trade/industry and consumer print, broadcast and web-based mediums – both within the tourism industry and mainstream media by helping to pair media with the appropriate members based on specific media-driven queries. At this time, we do not pitch media on behalf of members, but we do our best to provide members access to educational and in-person networking opportunities with travel media.

I am an ATTA Member and I’m not receiving Journalist Alerts. Why not?
If you are a Tourism Board, Tour Operator or Accommodation member, you should be receiving Journalist Alerts. Please ensure that [email protected] is on your safe-senders or ‘white list’ so that important ATTA communications are not being blocked. Journalist Alerts are not a benefit of Industry Partner-level membership. If you work for a PR firm on behalf of an ATTA member, please ask your client to forward ATTA Journalist Alerts to you. Read more about the Journalist Alert system here.

Will you help my company promote and secure media on a Press FAM tour?
Press FAM promotional opportunities are available in conjunction with larger partnership/sponsor agreements. The ATTA will work to promote your FAM tour to our list of adventure travel media and/or appropriate tour operators under these arrangements only.

The Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS)

I have heard a lot about the Summit. Can you tell me what it is all about?  
The Summit is a conference that has become the preeminent place to network with adventure-based tour operators and media from around the world, further your personal development and knowledge of the trends in adventure travel and help promote your company’s adventure product to the adventure travel industry’s influencers and decision-makers. It is not a traditional “Trade Show.”

The summit is a four-day conference that kicks off with a “Day of Adventure” and gives attendees the opportunity to casually connect/network with other delegates as well as get a taste of the destination that is hosting the Summit.  The conference is jam-packed with educational sessions, inspirational speakers and networking events, two days of professional development and educational sessions, one full day of B2B marketplace and entertainment and adventures in the host destination.
To learn more about this dynamic event go to    You can download reports from past Summits that include lists of attending operators and media – as well as see the program, photos and short videos from each past event at

Is the cost of the Summit included in membership?
No. As a member you receive a significant discount on the cost of the Summit. If you are not a member you get great value in becoming a member if you plan on attending the Summit.

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