As part of ATTA’s work within the adventure travel industry, we focus our efforts on social and environmental initiatives that have been identified as relevant in today’s world and more particularly to the adventure travel industry. Each of the following four topics have a dedicated program with their own set of goals focused on education, awareness, and impact.

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Women in Leadership

Photo © ATTA / Willa Kammerer

In recent years the ATTA has seen an increase in the interest of Women’s Leadership within the travel industry. While we have discovered through research that the adventure travel industry is above average in most cases in regards to the perceptions and roles of women in the workplace, we feel that it is important to continue to shine light on the subject and reach equality.

The ATTA will continue its dedication to educating women and men around the complex issues facing people in the workplace; offering women opportunities as leaders and speakers; spotlighting businesses’ energy around diverse leadership; and crafting internal structure and educating our team on diversity.


Out in Front: Tracking Women’s Leadership in Adventure Travel


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Eliminating Plastics

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As plastic waste continues to become a problem for the global environment, the ATTA recognizes its opportunity to effect change and become a community leader in eliminating single-use plastic water bottles within the adventure travel industry. As part of the initiative the ATTA will focus on travel trade and consumer audiences to collect data, create education, generate awareness, and collaborate with industry partners to develop programs offering a variety of solutions for businesses who are interested in eliminating plastics.

If your business is already active in eliminating single-use plastics, we would love to hear from you. To share more or learn how you can be involved, email [email protected].


Eliminating Single-Use Plastics


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Accommodations Guide on Eliminating Plastics

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Climate Action

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The ATTA values include a responsibility to minimize negative impacts and maximize the positive benefits to the environment in its business operations. As an organization that manages global events; education and training; and destination promotion – all of which require significant worldwide travel by staff and industry members – the ATTA recognizes both the need to offset the impact on the environment, and the opportunity to lead through example of possible ways to do so. The ATTA is executing a strict, Measure, Mitigate, Educate, and Reduce strategy and will partner with industry leaders to understand its total impact and the possibilities to effectively reduce that impact. The ATTA will use its experience to educate the industry and act as a facilitator for adventure travel industry members and destinations who are interested in participating.

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Youth Leadership

The ATTA believes it is important to engage the youth as a way to nurture and grow its next generation of industry leaders and business owners. Youth are a resource for fresh talent that is attuned to recent technologies and social dynamics which would enhance the adventure travel industry’s preparedness to work with the next generation of travelers. The ATTA is planning on a number of programs aimed at introducing the adventure travel industry to youth including but not limited to:

  • Recognition of up-and-coming individuals as entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers;
  • Public speaking engagements;
  • Event breakout sessions;
  • Increase in media attention through our own communication channels;
  • Engaging universities and outdoor programs to introduce career options within the adventure travel industry.

Partners interested in collaborating or learning more about the initiative can reach out to [email protected] for more information.


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